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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Jio Data Plan Offer just 11 Rs

Jio Data Plan Offer just 11 Rs

Reliance Jio has offered its users a great prepaid plan. Jio 4G data voucher is also one of them. These data vouchers, which come with a starting price of Rs 11, are offering up to 12GB of data. Another feature of this plan is that it also offers free calling minutes from Jio to other networks. Recharging from these plans also eliminates the worry of running out of daily data. So let us know about these special 4G data vouchers.

Data voucher of Rs 11

Reliance Jio's cheapest 4G data voucher costs Rs. It is providing 800MB of data. It offers 75 free minutes for calling. They can be used for Jio-to-non-Jio calling.

Rs 21 plan

You can recharge this 4G data launcher from Jio with your Active Plan. It has 200 minutes to make calls on non-Jio networks. The company is offering 2GB of data through internet browsing in the plan.

Rs 51 plan

When you recharge with this 4G data voucher from Jio on your Active Plan, you will get 6GB of data separately. This pack offers 500 free minutes to make calls from Jio to other networks. 

Rs 101 plan

This 4G data voucher from Jio comes with 12GB of data. You can top-up it separately with Active Plan on your Jio number. This pack offers 1000 free minutes to call a non-Jio number from Jio.

Rs 251 plan

Jio 4G data voucher comes with a validity of 51 days. The company is offering a total of 102 GB of data at the rate of 2 GB per day. The plan does not offer any calling benefits. If the rest of the data vouchers speak of validity, you are being offered the same validity as an active plan .

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