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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

EDUCATION FOR ALL, Useful educational activities for students

EDUCATION FOR ALL, Useful educational activities for students

  • The Education for All National Report provides information on the current state of education in India in the face of India's EFA program, working methods and objectives.


The Government of India provides information on the state of education in the state, national policy and statistics to the Department of Education.

The National Institute of Educational Planning (NIEPA) provides training materials, articles, related information and upcoming educational programs.

The National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) surveys, among other things, provides information on girls' education and full education.

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) offers memorable key dates. Such as last date for filling up online admission form etc. Students can view information about their admission online from the number given to them. Apart from information about many other things, the method of assessment also provides information about the vocational education program and other related services.

Global services / equipment

International Institute for Education Planning (IIEP): Educational planning and management system that provides information on training programs, research and online publications under IIEP.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Education Information Service: Provides information on the organization's educational programs and publications. It connects to other educational servers on the Internet and also to other educational partners with UNESCO. This site is very informative and new information is posted from time to time.

  • Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Futurea multimedia teacher education program
  • Education for All Forum EFA: Provides information on country reports and trends, special publications, EFA reports and upcoming meetings as well as conventions.
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

EFA Global Monitoring Report 2007: Despite progress since 2000, millions of children, youth and adults are still deprived of a good education and the benefits of exhaustion.

Due to this inequality, the progress of Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan is hampered by 2019. What are these individuals and groups? What obstacles do they face? How can government policy break this cycle of poverty and adversity? What policies and laws seem to work? Is change in education included in this big panel? Is the International Committee working exactly on its promises? Are some of these issues covered in the report?

Education For All Global Monitoring Report

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): Provides information about children around the world in the form of multimedia. It also includes educational activities and resources for students.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNICEF's State of the World's Children's Report 2009: This report provides information on the current living conditions of children and healthcare for mothers, newborns and children. It provides information on force health care experiences over the past few years and the most effective and important issues to prevent infant mortality, as well as health care for mothers, newborns and children.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The World Bank's Education Microsite: Ahiya Purepura World Bank Publications, Educational Resources and Toolkits, World Bank Education - In Childhood Sharia Years, Gender, Effective Schools and Teachers, Adult Education and School Health, Educational Statistics Many countries' educational approaches, regional information and more Provides details about all relevant information.
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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Register in Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana and get gas cylinder, cylinder will be free till September

Register in Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana and get gas cylinder, cylinder will be free till September

The government plans to provide free LPG cylinders to the country's poorest families for three months in view of the economic woes in the Koro crisis. If you are from a poor family and have not yet availed of this scheme, you can apply for it.

Women can apply for gas connection

It is very easy to register for the Ujjawala scheme. Women of BPL family can apply for gas connection under Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana. One can personally get detailed information by visiting the official website associated with the scheme PMUY was launched on May 1, 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The process of applying

For Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana you have to fill an application form and submit it to the nearest LPG distributor.

Along with the application form, the woman has to provide her full address, Jan Dhan bank account and Aadhaar number of all family members.

registretion official site from here

After the application is processed, the oil marketing companies of the country provide LPG connections to the eligible beneficiaries. If the customer chooses EMI, the amount of EMI is adjusted against the subsidy on the cylinder.

image source::

Directly Rs. 1,600 subsidy

The total cost with the stove is Rs 3,200 when you take LPG connection under Ujjawala scheme. Of this, Rs. 1,600 is subsidized and the remaining amount is given by the oil companies. But consumers have to pay Rs. 1,600 has to be paid.
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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lava Z61 Pro 'Made in India' phone launch, price less than 6 thousand

Lava Z61 Pro 'Made in India' phone launch, price less than 6 thousand

If you want to buy a new budget phone and you are looking for a 'Made in India' device then Lava's new phone can complete your search. Lava has launched the Lava Z61 Pro in India and landed it at an entry price.

If you want to buy a new budget phone and you are looking for a 'Made in India' device then Lava's new phone can complete your search. Lava has launched the Lava Z61 Pro in India and landed it at an entry price. The real panel of the phone has an 8-megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel front camera for selfies. The phone comes with a capsule-like camera module and wide bezels like a traditional device.

Price and sale in India

The Lava Z61 Pro is priced at Rs 5,774 in the Indian market. The phone, which comes with 2GB of RAM, will be available in two gradients Finish-Midnight Blue and Amber Red. "Apart from Flipcard and Amazon, you will also be able to buy the new device from online stores next week," Lava said.

Specification of Lava Z61 Pro

This dual SIM smartphone from Lava has a 5.45 inch HD + display and wide bezels at the top and bottom. The display has an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and is powered by a 1.6GHz octa-core processor. Storage can be expanded by inserting a microSD card up to 128 GB in a device with 2 GB RAM and 16 other internal storage..

image source::


2 GB RAM | 16 GB ROM | Expandable Upto 64 GB

13.84 cm (5.45 inch) HD+ Display

8MP Rear Camera | 5MP Front Camera

3000 mAh Battery

1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor Processor.

buy lava phone from flipcart
Speaking of the camera, the rear panel has an 8-megapixel single camera sensor with LED flash. Apart from this, a 5 megapixel front camera is provided in the top-bezel for selfies and video calling. Camera features include bokeh mode, burst mode, panorama and filters. The phone comes with a 3,100mAh battery and is available for microUSB port charging connectivity.
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Do natural farming, one cow earns Rs. 900 will get maintenance costs

Do natural farming, one cow earns Rs. 900 will get maintenance costs

  • Government's decision to double farmers' income through natural agriculture
  • The farmer who wants to avail the benefit has to apply on the 'I Farmer' portal

In order to give priority to indigenous cow based natural farming by the state government, farmers have to pay Rs. 900 i.e. a maximum of Rs. The government has shown readiness to do 10,800. To avail this assistance, farmers have to apply online on the 'I Farmer' portal. The amount to be sanctioned to the farmer will be Rs. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has decided to deposit RTGS-DBT in the bank accounts of 2700 beneficiaries.

iimage source::

Notably, the benefit will be available only to those who have domestic cows, not to those who have jerseys and foreign cows.
From the date of approval of application to the farmers in the available period of that quarter April to June quarter maintenance cost in July, July to September quarter maintenance cost in October, October to December quarterly maintenance cost in January and January to March quarterly maintenance cost in April. From the date of approval of the application for the available period of that quarter Rs. 900 will be paid for maintenance.

Who can benefit?

If the farmer wishing to avail the benefit of this scheme is eligible for the benefit, the applicant farmer should have a desi cow with identification tag at the time of application and should be doing natural farming with his dung urine or the benefit will be available after doing natural farming.

Currently, the farmers engaged in natural agriculture and the master trainer prepared after the training in natural agriculture, if they meet the eligibility criteria, they will be given priority in the approval.
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Monday, July 6, 2020

Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Sachem

The state government provides assistance up to Rs. 50,000 for the treatment of the injured in the scheme / vehicle accident

An important scheme was implemented by the Gujarat government last year regarding accidents. An estimated 30,000 road accidents occur in the state every year. In which about 6500 people lost their lives. But if the injured person is given immediate treatment in time, his life can be saved. The decision was taken by the government to reduce the death rate in accidents as much as possible. Due to which 'Vehicle Accident Treatment Scheme' was implemented by the state government. In the first 48 hours, the state government will pay up to Rs 50,000 for any kind of treatment to the injured.

What are the rules of a vehicle accident treatment plan?

Within the state of Gujarat, in any area, any person sitting in any vehicle has an accident and the person injured in it can get help under the scheme.

Whether the injured person is Gujarati or non-Gujarati they will also get treatment under the scheme.

To avail the benefit of this scheme, one has to get the letter as per the scheme. Which has to be submitted along with the claim form.

Who is eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme?

The state government will pay up to Rs 50,000 for any kind of treatment to the injured person in the first 48 hours of a vehicle accident injury.

this assistance is given by the government to any poor, stranger or any person.

The important thing about this plan

  • No hospital should take money from the patient.
  • The cost of this treatment will be paid directly by the state government to the hospital. - No hospital will have to take money from the patient.
  • The cost of this treatment will be paid by the state government directly to the hospital.
  • Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme in Gujarat, The important features and highlights of this reimbursement scheme.

Any victim of road accidents can avail free treatment in any govt. or private hospitals within the state.

All the expenses upto Rs. 50,000 of every of the accident victims within the first 48 hours in any hospital are going to be reimbursed by the state govt.

Along with Gujarat residents, people from other states and even from other countries facing accidents in Gujarat also are applicable for this scheme. Even there's no income criteria attached with this scheme.

The primary objective is to supply timely and highest quality treatment to the victims so as to scale back the life risk as first 48 hours are crucial for accident victims.


This scheme also will change the intention of individuals to shift victims immediately during a govt. hospital which sometimes doesn't have the standard treatment facilities. Now, people can admit such victims directly into the nearby hospital (either private or govt.) with specialist doctors and other required facilities without caring about expenses.

Ambulance Operators also will tend directions to admit road accident victims within the best hospitals near the situation of the place where accident happened .
Private hospitals won't charge upto Rs. 50,000 money for the primary 48 hours from the accident victims instead they're going to get this amount reimbursed from the state govt.
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