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Friday, September 18, 2020

Ahmedabad Municipal corporation Recruitment

Ahmedabad Municipal corporation Recruitment For apprentice

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat and the fifth largest city in India and the seventh largest in terms of urban population. Situated on the banks of Sabarmati river, this city is the headquarters of Ahmedabad district and has been the capital of Gujarat state from.

  • Computer Operator and assistant ::: 50 posts.
  • Back office Apprentice:: 100 posts
  • Microfinance Executive:: 250 posts
  • Loan Processing officer: 100 posts


Mandatory services

  • Construction of city boundaries.
  • Watering, scavenging and cleaning of sewerage systems of all public streets and places
  • Drainage services Fire services
  • Health and medical services
  • Street lighting services
  • Preservation of monuments and open spaces Identification of streets and buildings
  • Regulation and exemption of offensive and dangerous occupations or practices
  • Construction or Acquisition of Public Markets and Slaughterhouses Construction or Acquisition of Cattle Pounds
  • Primary education services Health and hygiene services
  • Bridge construction, maintenance and modification of water supply services
  • Construction of conservancy staff quarters to prevent and control the spread of dangerous diseases, safety or removal of unsafe buildings and places.
  • Maintenance of relief works in shortage, floor etc.

Discretionary services

  • Construction and maintenance of Maternity Homes and Child Welfare Homes Maintenance of Central Laboratories
  • Swimming pool and other public health services Roadside tree planting
  • Construction and maintenance of public parks and gardens Organizing performances, athletics or sports
  • Maintenance of ambulance services
  • Construction and maintenance of theaters, community halls and museums etc. Build or purchase staff quarters
  • Construction and maintenance of public transport facilities Construction and maintenance of educational institutions, construction and maintenance of infrastructures and hospitals Destruction of animals and birds is a nuisance.
  • Construction and maintenance of a factory for sewer disposal
  • Purchase and maintenance of suitable residential houses for the poor and working class Provision of shelter and poor relief to the homeless
  • Surveys of buildings or land
  • Measures to deal with any disaster affecting the people of the city, any measures to promote public safety, health, convenience or information



Ahmedabad became a modern and big city during the British rule. In the meantime it was made a part of the Bombay Presidency. Ahmedabad remained an important part of Gujarat even then. It was a major center of the textile industry and was known as the 'Manchester of the East' due to the textile industry established here.


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