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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Vadodara Urban Aanganvadi bharti 2020

Vadodara Urban Aanganvadi bharti 2020 at

  • વડોદરા શહેર આંગણવાડી ભરતી ૨૦૨૦

VAdodara Municipal corporation  Declared Aanganvadi bharti for year 2020. candidate can apply through E-hrms official portal for Aanganvadi bharti 2020.  Here you can get various detail for 

VAdodara  District Aanganvadi bharti.

VAdodara Aanganvadi bharti notification 2020
VAdodara  Aanganvadi bharti online apply


Urban Project. Vadodara Municipal Corporation. Recruitment of Anganwadi Karbakar and Tedagar (October 2018). Name of Sr. Sejo Anganwadi.

Anganwadi address / area. 

Karbakar Tedagar.

Minimum academic performance:

Anganwadi Karbakar - S.Sc. (Std-10)

Anganwadi Tedagar - Std

06. Salary norm: The standard wage of the Government is eligible for honorarium.

Anganwadi Karbakar - Rs. 2,500 / -

Anganwadi Tedagar - Rs. 2,500 / -

06. Varambada: Publicly known should be less than 15 Varabs and more than 5 Varabs per day.

06. Details: Candidate who has been appointed as Anganwadi Worker and Tedagar has to be 6 years of age.

Purification will be done.

06. Local Candidate: Candidate should be residing in Anganwadi area / fruit only,

One of the proofs of Aadhaar Card / Electricity / Ration Card / Chutni Card has to be submitted,

Also, the distance from the Anganwadi Center to the applicant will have to be shown.

06. Priority in appointing Anganwadi Tedagar as Anganwadi Karbakar: Jarre in Anganwadi Center

Anganwadi Karbakar's Jagra Khai Padetra Tej Anganwadi Center

Or Hor as a Competent Helper and Academic as an Anganwadi Worker

Priority in appointing her as Anganwadi Worker

Will be given.

 7D: \ Office Work \ Worker & Helper Bharti \ October - 2018 \ Online Doc - Oct-18.doc

06. Prerequisite: Preferred only on the basis of a certificate of registration as a Prerequisite.

Will be executed.

06. Carb capacity: Physical / mental fitness required for the duties of Anganwadi worker / Tedagar

Only eligible candidates will be eligible.

06. Rental space for Anganwadi: If the house is not available then the Anganwadi house is not available.

Candidate has to do it himself, in paying the rent of the existing forest labor

Will come.




If the candidate is eligible, he / she will be selected.

The power of choice as well as all other rights will be vested in the power of choice and will be determined by the power of choice.

The latter will be considered, no further agreement can be reached. 

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