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Monday, October 26, 2020

Learn about the kidneys And The main signs and remedies of kidney diseases

Learn about the kidneys And The main signs and the remedies of the kidney diseases.

Who does not love to be a beautiful, clean and tidy? Hygiene outside in the body is in your hands, but hygiene inside the body maintains to your kidneys. The kidneys play an a important role in a keeping the body clean by a removing unnecessary waste and the toxins from the body. The last few years have seen a significant increase in the number of the  patients with a kidney disease. With a rapid increase in the number of  the patients with a diabetes and high blood pressure, there has also been a serious increase in the incidence of the  kidney failure.

Kidney is the body's filter plant

The second Thursday in a March is celebrated as a World Kidney Day. This year's theme is a Kidney for a Life, Stop Kidney Attack. Different programs were organized in a different parts of the state including a Ahmadabad to the create a awareness among in the people about kidney and to the  understand in the importance of the  kidney in our body and to create a awareness among in the people about in this.

Kidney failure

What is a Causes Kidney Failure What are the signs of the  kidney failure? Programs were organized for in the purpose of the  diagnosing kidney diseases. Kidney failure due to the  kidney stones is also seen in a Gujarat more than other countries in the world. Many patients have to be a removed due to the kidney failure. Kidney failure can be a prevented if the stones are treated in time. It can also be a prevented by a knowing in the cause of  the recurrent stones.

Kidney diseases are include kidney infections, stones, nephritis, prostate cancer. Fever caused by a malaria and viruses causes kidney damage. About  a 90% of  the people in a ICU suffer from kidney disease in one way or a another. The basic function of the kidneys is to get a rid of the waste water and excess water in the blood. In other words, the kidney is a body filter plant that works to the  maintain cleanliness inside in the body. 

The kidneys are useful in a controlling the body's blood pressure. The kidneys work to the produce blood cells in the body and to the  strengthen the bones. The kidneys are shaped like in the cages of our ribs in the upper and posterior part of the abdomen, below which are the two sides of the spine. The kidneys also work to the  maintain proper levels of the  sodium and potassium. It also controls water and salt, which helps keep blood pressure are stable.

Important information related to the  kidneys

The important information related to the kidney is as follows.

What are the Kidney Failure-Hierarchy in a communities?

  • Frequent kidney stones
  • Diabetes
  • Have kidney disease at the  home
  • Hypertension
  • Have had kidney disease before
  • Heart attack
  • People who have been a taking painkillers for a long time
  • People above a 60 years of  the age

What to do to prevent kidney diseases:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Matter of  the controlling blood pressure
  • Diabetes needs to be a controlled
  • Healthy and hygienic food should be taken
  • Water should be drunk at the regular intervals
  • Stones should be a treated in a timely manner
  • A high-risk patient should have a kidney checkup
  • Do not take a painkillers for too long
  • Avoid a tobacco, gutkha or a alcohol addiction
  • Reduce a salt in the diet after in the age of  the 30 years
  • A healthy person should drink 10 to 12 glasses of  the water daily.


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