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Friday, November 6, 2020

7 auspicious moments from Pushya Nakshatra to Diwali


7 days for shopping: 7 auspicious moments from Pushya Nakshatra to Diwali, 17 years later Diwali is Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga

From November 7 (Pushya Nakshatra) to November 14 (Diwali) there are 7 moments in which the purchase of property, jewelery, vehicles and electronic goods will be auspicious. Every day except November 13 is auspicious for shopping. After 17 years, Diwali also becomes Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga. This was followed in 2003. According to astrologers, shopping on Diwali will be beneficial because of this yoga. In addition, November 7, along with the constellation Pushya, the Moon, Mercury and Saturn will be in their own zodiac. On this day Mercury-Venus will also become Dhan Yoga as they are in each other's zodiac sign. This position of the planets tends to be more advantageous at a lower cost.

What to buy on what date ...

November 7: Coincidence of Saturday and Pushya Nakshatra makes Shani Pushya Yoga on this day. There will also be Raviyog all day long. Can be purchased on this day. Being a Saturday, this day is auspicious for shopping for property, furniture, machinery and decorative items made of wood.

November 8: This day coincides with Sunday Yoga, Ashlesha Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi. This auspicious moment is a good day to buy herbs and install new ones along with food items.

November 9: Herbs, sweets, pearls, perfumes, aquariums and women's items can be bought on this day by coincidence of Monday and Magha constellation.

November 10: Tuesday with Andra Yoga and Purvafalguni Nakshatra coincidence. This day will be auspicious for buying electronic goods. This day will be auspicious for investing or buying in property.

November 11: This day will be Mahalakshmi Yoga due to Vardhman Yoga being the constellation of Uttarfalgu and the visual relationship of Moon-Mars. Every kind of purchase can be made at this moment.

November 12: This day is the Dhanteras festival. This unseen moment for shopping is also called. This day is also auspicious for buying vehicle, land, building, ornaments and clothes etc. as it is also the yoga of Pradosh and Hasta Nakshatra.

November 14: Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga begins with sunrise on Diwali. It will last until 8 p.m. With Lakshmi Pooja this day is a special moment for every kind of shopping.

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