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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Home Learning Daily video 31 December 2020 std 3 to 12

 Home Learning Daily video 31 December 2020 std 3 to 12

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the education sector globally. Classes are suspended to enforce social distancing and academic institutions, from schools to universities, have shifted to online methods of teaching and evaluation. because the number of cases continues to rise, there's no certainty about when normalcy are going to be restored. This has encouraged some kind of a permanent tilt, if not an entire shift, to online education. The new National Education Policy (NEP) approved last month also talks about being ready for digital and online education, although it adds a rider that the digital divide must be eliminated to completely enjoy such methods.

An HT analysis supported unit-level data from a 2017-18 National Statistical Office (NSO) survey has highlighted caution against a sudden push towards online education in India.

Any such policy will run the danger of excluding a big section of scholars . variety of scholars , who, in theory, have access to online teaching will need to depend upon inconvenient methods like using mobile phones rather than computers.

Three-fourths of scholars in India didn't have access to the web reception , consistent with a 2017-18 all-India NSO survey. The share of these who didn't have computers, including devices like palm-tops and tablets, was much greater--89%. Access to those facilities was higher among students at higher levels of education. But even at the very best levels, an outsized share of scholars didn't have access to those facilities. needless to say , access to the web and computers is directly associated with household incomes.

Since the first spring of 2020, Chinese universities are experiencing an unprecedented massive “migration” from traditional in‐class face‐to‐face education to online education. thanks to the widespread of Coronavirus disease (COVID‐19) in China, following the government's requirements of “nonstop teaching and learning,” most Chinese universities have started online education. during a short period of time , many faculty members began to teach ahead of a display screen , and their students need to occupy home and take the courses through the web . Beyond China, with the spread of COVID‐19 across the planet , as of March 13, 61 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the center East, North America, and South America have announced or implemented school and university closures and most of universities have enforced localized closures (UNESCO, 2020). This paper therefore identifies the high‐impact practice principles of online education and provides a case study for colleagues at universities to think about conducting online education in similar circumstances.

Since the start of the 21st century, Chinese universities have launched online education reforms to make an open education network supported information and network technologies. With the rapid development of Massive Open Online Courses, the amount of those online courses offered by Chinese universities has exceeded 500, and nearly 3 million people have participated in these courses (Shang & Cao, 2017). because the forerunner of online education in Chinese universities, Peking University has offered about 100 online courses. However, compared to the face to face courses offered by universities, the proportion of online courses remains low, and most of the web courses are taken by adult vocational students who haven't registered at Peking University.

The outbreak of COVID‐19 was unexpected and it forced Peking University to launch live online programs of a complete of two ,613 undergraduate online courses and 1,824 graduate online courses so as to make sure the traditional teaching operation, with 44,700 students occupy homes or dorms (Lei, 2020).


ધોરણ-૩ ગુજરાતી વિડીયો
ધોરણ-૪ હિન્દી વિડીયો 
ધોરણ-૫ ENGLISH વિડીયો 
ધોરણ-૬ ગુજરાતી  વિડીયો

Governments worldwide have recommended shifting to online learning as a stop-gap arrangement to avoid any significant disruptions in academic calendars. Consequently, e-learning is now being heralded because the key to rework the education sector. While the advantages of virtual learning are manifold, the immense digital, gender, and sophistication divide in India mean that these benefits will only accrue to those that have access to technology, those that can adapt thereto , and most significantly , those that can afford it.


ધોરણ-૭ ગણિત વિડીયો 
ધોરણ-૮ ગણિત વિડીયો
ધોરણ-10 વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો
ધોરણ-11   નામનાં મૂળતત્વો વિડીયો 

The coronavirus crisis has forced all major industries to shift their operations online–the education sector is not any exception. With lockdowns being imposed across the planet , schools and better education institutions are pack up to guard students and stop contagion. consistent with UNESCO, this has impacted quite 1.26 billion students across 191 countries. In India alone, quite 320 million students are suffering from the varsity closures since PM Narendra Modi imposed a national lockdown on Annunciation .

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Ignoring acidity can lead to diseases like ulcers, its causes, symptoms and prevention measure

Take special care of winter health: Ignoring acidity can lead to diseases like ulcers, its causes, symptoms and prevention measures.

Do you know how many people in India suffer from acidity? The answer is 25 crores. This is the figure of people who have acidity as a permanent disease. There is no data on people who have occasional acidity. By looking at these data one can estimate how common the problem of acidity is in the country. The winter season has begun. The problem of acidity increases this season.

Lucknow Physician Dr. According to Shikha Pandey, cases of acidity in winter are twice as common as in normal days. The main reason for this is that the digestive system slows down in winter. In winter, people become more careless with physical exercise and diet. Therefore, this can also be a cause of acidity.

What is acidity?

Dr. According to Shikha, acid is made by our stomach glands, it is called organic acid. When this acid starts to become more than it needs to be it becomes a big problem for us. This is called acidity.

Acidity causes stomach ulcers, gastric inflammation, heartburn and indigestion. Many medications also cause gastritis. Acidity in the stomach and chest is caused by the acidity caused by eating too much or heavy food. Indigestion and constipation are also common in people with acidity.

What are the causes of acidity?

Our stomach usually produces gastric acid, which helps in digestion. Gastric acid means that the acid formed in the stomach is not in liquid form but in gas form. It starts to become more and more due to our negligence or after getting cold. The reasons for that are not limited to that. Even if one takes more stress than necessary, one can still have the problem of acidity.

What are the early symptoms of acidity?

There are many symptoms of acidity, but some symptoms are prominent. If you also see such a problem constantly, then you have acidity. Acidity can be a permanent problem if the initial symptoms are ignored.

Here's how to avoid acidity:

We are not talking about treatment here but we are telling you what to do to avoid acidity?

Avoid foods that produce reflexes: Don't eat spicy foods, coffee and foods rich in carbonates.

Divide the meal into 5 portions instead of three: Do not eat regular meals 3 times a day, it should be divided into 5 small portions.

Be careful only in normal acidity: If you have gas problem, do not eat food for a few days than trigger acidity. Don't ignore it.

Control fat: If you are gaining weight and have too much fat in your body, it can cause acidity. So control body fat as quickly as possible.

Some drugs should not be taken: Some OTC drugs such as ibuprofen, paracetamol acidity and other prescription drugs such as anticholinergics, dopamine can cause acidity from theophylline, sedatives, calcium channel blockers and beta blockers. These medications should only be taken if your doctor tells you to.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

How to get rid of acidity?

If acidity has occurred, special care must be taken to get rid of it. Dr. According to Shikha, we must first control ourselves during its treatment. Any negligence from eating and drinking to physical activity can be costly.

This requires 3 checkups

Monitoring of pH: This checks the level of acid in the esophagus. The device is inserted into the esophagus by a doctor, kept there for 2 days to measure the amount of acid in the esophagus.

Barium Swallow: This helps in getting information about narrow esophagus and ulcers. You should go through this test if you are having more problems.

Endoscopy: A long, flexible light tube with a small camera is inserted through the mouth at the bottom and the camera can detect abdominal problems with the help of the esophagus.

Include these items in the diet

Almonds: It relieves abdominal pain and prevents acidity completely. One thing to keep in mind while eating it is to always eat nuts only after meals and not to eat more than 4 nuts.

Bananas and Apples: Bananas are naturally antacids. Therefore, these fruits can also be eaten after dinner. It does not allow too much acid to build up in the stomach.

Coconut water: Drinking coconut water makes the body's pH acidic level alkaline and protects it from the serious effects of acid. It is fibrous water. It also facilitates digestion and reduces the pressure of acidity.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Gujarati calendar 2021 for Gujarati speaking people - ગુજરાતી પંચાંગ 2021

Gujarati calendar 2021 for Gujarati speaking people - ગુજરાતી પંચાંગ 2021

#1 ગુજરાતી કેલેન્ડર 2021 is the latest calendar 2021 in gujarati and you can download for free to get the best pachaga calendar gujarati for both 2021 2020. Enjoy Daily Horoscope & Chogadiya for 2021

#1 Gujarati Calendar 2021 : Top & Best 2021 calendar for Gujarati speaking people across the world. Free calendar 2021 almanac app can be used as offline calendar. This app is highly recommended for people from Gujarath and all over the world and for Gujarati panchang 

Calendar 2021 Gujarati is also called Hindu and Indian 2021.  The calendar contains all the almanac Gujarati 2021 and horoscope details.  The Panjaka 2021 calendar app has a list of festivals and holidays for 2021.  This application also gives details about auspicious days, fasting days Gujarati Calendar 2021.

 Very useful for knowing horoscopes.  It is today horoscope, monthly horoscope, annual horoscope

App Features:

✔ gujarati calendar 2021 with panchang

✔Gujarathi Calendar 2021 Contains Festivals and Holidays of 2021

✔ Fasting days of 2021 in This Gujarati Panchang

✔ Complete Month calendar view can be seen in this Calendar 2021 

✔ Daily info on Nakṣatra, Tithi and Yoga of 2021 Calendar

✔ subh મુહૂર્ત 2021 dates

✔ sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset 

✔ Abijith kala and Amrutha kala

✔ Today Horoscope 

✔ Monthly Horoscope

✔ Yearly Horoscope

✔ Complete 2021 calendars

✔ Adding Reminders, Events Notes in Gujarati Language 

✔Vehicle Purchase date, Vivah muhurth, property purchase dates, Grih Pravesh dates available in Gujarati Calendar 2021

It can also be used as Hindu Calendar 2021 as It contains data about tithi, Nakshatra, Sunsign , MoonSign, also details regarding Hindu fasting days, it also has details about Islamic Calendar

કેલેન્ડર 2021 એપ્લિકેશન ડાઉનલોડ લિંક

Thanks for downloading gujarati calendar 2021 application, keep Using this Gujarati Panchang

Thank you

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The government has refused to give mass promotions in primary schools. Reports for mass promotions came in the media that primary schools in the state have not yet started physically amidst the Corona riots. However, the state government clarified that it had no plans to give mass promotions to students due to the epidemic. State Education Minister Chudasama said, "Examinations will be held before promoting students in the next academic class."

He further said, 'Std. Students of 1st to 8th and 9th as well as 11th standard will be examined and their examinations will be based on the online syllabus taught by the schools. "If the entire syllabus could not be taught online due to the Koro epidemic, the syllabus will be taken on the basis of the number of syllabi taught to the students," Chudasama told our correspondent Times of India.

"All the options for taking the exam are being considered," he said.

The most suitable option will be considered. One option is to give the students a question paper at home and have it checked by the teachers. Another option is to have the student called to a very limited number of batch wise schools and take their exams there.

While the third option is online exam. Which is the least likely option as students in rural areas have very limited smartphone and computer facility through which they can take the exam online. There will be a high-level meeting on how to conduct the exams in which each party will have its say. On the basis of which the most acceptable option will be adopted.

Bharat Gajipara, president of the Gujarat Self-Financed School Management Association, said the exams must be taken to make what is taught online meaningful. "If students are given mass promotions, then the credibility of online education will be questioned," he said.

On behalf of the parents of the students, the All Gujarat Board of Guardians demanded that mass promotion be given to the students as the schools were physically closed during the core period. He argued that it would not be appropriate to take the exam as online learning was very limited in rural areas. While the government believes that all options should be considered before making any decision.

School management, on the other hand, has increased pressure on the state government to reopen schools as many parents have refused to pay fees as the schools are not physically open. The school trustees said, "All parents will be encouraged to pay fees if schools start. Corona has caused a lot of damage to schools.


The exam will be based on the syllabus taught online. The government has refused to give mass promotion to primary schools. There have been reports for mass promotion in the media that the state's primary schools have yet to physically begin amid the Corona riots. However, the state government clarified that there were no plans to give mass promotion to students due to the epidemic. State Education Minister Chudasama said that the exams would be conducted before promoting the students to the next academic class. He further stated that, students from first to eighth and ninth as well as 11th grade will have their examinations and their exams will be based on the online syllabus taught by the schools. Speaking to our correspondent Times of India, Chudasama said, "If the entire course cannot be taught online due to the coro epidemic, it will be based on the number of courses taught to students."

ગુજરાતી માં માસ પ્રમોશન નું નિવેદન વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 


"All options for taking the exam are being considered," he said. The most appropriate option will be considered. An alternative is to give students a question paper at home and have it checked by teachers. Another option is to invite students to a very limited number of batch-wise schools and test them there. While the third option is online examination. This is the least likely option as students in rural areas have very limited smartphone and computer facilities through which they can take online exams. There will be a high-level meeting on how to conduct the examination, in which each party will present its point. Based on which the most acceptable option will be adopted. Bharat Gazipara, president of the Gujarat Self-Financed School Management Association, said that exams should be taken to make the examinations meaningful online. "If students are given mass promotions, then the credibility of online education will be questioned. On behalf of the parents of the students, the All Gujarat Board of Parents demanded mass promotion of the students, as the school's were physically closed during. Core period 

He argued that it was not appropriate to take the exam as online learning in rural areas was very limited. Whereas the Government believes that all options should be considered before taking any decision. On the other hand, the school management has increased the pressure on the state government to reopen the schools.

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Home Learning Daily 29 December 2020 std 1 to 12

 Home Learning Daily 29 December 2020 std 1 to 12

The World Health Organization has declared Covid-19 as an epidemic that has posed a up to date threat to humanity. This pandemic has successfully forced global shutdown of several activities, including educational activities, and this has resulted in tremendous crisis-response migration of universities with online learning serving because the educational platform. The crisis-response migration methods of universities, faculty and students, challenges and opportunities were discussed and it's evident that online learning is different from emergency remote teaching, online learning are going to be more sustainable while instructional activities will become more hybrid provided the challenges experienced during this pandemic are well explored and transformed to opportunities.

The countrywide lockdown to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), entwined with health and safety concerns, has brutally disrupted India’s economy.

The economic consequences of the pandemic also as local lockdowns are well-discussed and have surfaced within the gross domestic product and industrial production numbers. But there's another side to the ramifications: the shortage of skillful imparting of education may translate into an economic adversity over time.

India’s gross enrollment ratio in education was a mere 27.4 per cent for 2017-18, consistent with the All India Survey on education (AISHE). this is often not great news compared to other developing countries. things might be further battered by the possible decline in enrollment thanks to limited access to online education.

There are a couple of details that require to be addressed in such a scenario: Is online education viable? Will our ‘future of the nation’ contribute to the human capital and participate in reviving the economy?

The internet and digital infrastructure with a big penetration may be a boon for education. The Pradhan Mantri e-Vidya Programme was launched in May to amplify the efforts for a far better shift online.

The top 100 universities within the country were permitted to start out online courses in May, without the necessity to hunt approval from education regulators. States like Karnataka announced their own policies to form online education accessible.

A fundamental enabler is that the digital infrastructure, which incorporates high-speed internet and supporting devices like desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phones.

The whole educational system from elementary to tertiary level has been collapsed during the lockdown period of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) not only in India but across the world . This study may be a portrayal of online teaching-learning modes adopted by the Mizoram University for the teaching-learning process and subsequent semester examinations. it's forward to an intellectually enriched opportunity for further future academic decision-making during any adversity. The intended purpose of this paper seeks to deal with the specified essentialities of online teaching-learning in education amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the way can existing resources of educational institutions effectively transform formal education into online education with the assistance of virtual classes and other pivotal online tools during this continually shifting educational landscape. 

These prerequisites have expanded the gap between upper- and middle-economic sections, also as urban and rural populations of our country. The infrastructure challenges in online education have rendered unprivileged learners helpless.

The paper employs both quantitative and qualitative approach to review the perceptions of teachers and students on online teaching-learning modes and also highlighted the implementation process of online teaching-learning modes. the worth of this paper is to draw a holistic picture of ongoing online teaching-learning activities during the lockdown period including establishing the linkage between change management process and online teaching-learning process in education system amid the COVID-19 outbreak so on overcome the persisting academic disturbance and consequently make sure the resumption of educational activities and discourses as a traditional course of procedure within the education system.

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TAT Shixan sahayak bharti Govt secondary school waiting merit List TAT shixan sahayak Bharti official site Going to Declare  WAITING  list for Govenment Secondary school shixan sahayak bharti.

GSERC WAITING  Merit list 2020 GSERC Secondary & higher secondary merit list and merit marks published on the website. The document verification schedule will be declared shortly. Higher Secondary Subject Wise Merit List Mentioned Below. The applicant can check their name and Merit from this link 

Here, you can find the  Govt Secondary GSERC Merit List 2020 in which you can search if you are eligible to get in the next phase or not. It will be possible to check the name and Merit for the GSERC aspirant by going through the links that we did mention in this article. Have a look at GSERC Merit List 2020, Gujarat Secondary Merit List, Higher Secondary General Merit, etc.


TAT Bharti 2019  government Secondary School Vacancies:: 

  • TAT bharti For English Subject :: 410posts
  • TAT bharti For Gujarati Subject:: 64 posts
  • TAT bharti For Hindi Subject:: 21 posts
  • TAT bharti For Maths Science Subject:: 487 posts
  • TAT bharti For PT Teacher ::  6  posts
  • TAT bharti For Sanskrit Subject::  10  posts
  • TAT bharti For Social science TEacher:: 378  posts

વિષયવાઇઝ waiting લીસ્ટ અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

ENGLISH વિષય WAITING  લીસ્ટ 

ગુજરાતી વિષય WAITING   લીસ્ટ 

સામાજીક વિજ્ઞાન વિષય WAITING   લીસ્ટ 

How to Download FINAL merit List :: 

  • First open TAT shixan sahayak bharti official website
  • Then Fin out Merit List Tab on this website
  • Then Select Secondary merit List
  • Then Select FINAL  Merit List option in it
  • here you can get Subjectwise FINAL Merit List
  • You can also Download FINAL  Merit List Direct pdf from here
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TAT Shixan Sahayak Bharti Govt Secondary school School allocation and other news

 TAT Shixan Sahayak Bharti Govt Secondary school School allocation and other news

The state government secondary school will get 1381 teachers. Appointment forms will be issued to the teachers on January 7 after the completion of the recruitment process. The recruitment announcement was processed in November 2019.

ઓફીસીયલ GSERC સાઇટ માટે અહિં ક્લીક  કરો

TAT Shixan Sahayak Bharti Govt Secondary school School allocation and other news
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Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker & Cartoon Me AI Android APK Download 2020

Avatoon - Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker & Cartoon Me AI Android APK Download 2020

You’re not boring, and your social media shouldn’t be either. With the powerful photo editing tools of Avatoon, create a personalized avatar that expresses just how exciting you and your life really are.

Did you know? 🤔Custom personalized avatars can be more effective on social media than traditional (boring) photos. Whether chatting with friends, building up followers, or just looking for a change, upgrading your image with a colorful cartoon avatar is a great idea💡 That’s where Avatoon comes in.

Our avatar creator lets you standout from the crowd while still being yourself. Avatoon not only creates a unique, personalized, cartoon you, but also lets you create personalized stickers and emojis. Wow friends and followers with colorful stickers and gifs starring you! 🤩 Go a step further and use our photo editing tools to insert your avatar into real life photos: all using one powerful app!

Facial recognition🤳 

With just one picture Avatoon easily creates a personalized avatar that looks almost as good as the real thing.

Photo Editor 🕵️‍♀️ 

Avatoon provides users with powerful editing tools that bring your photos, be they professional or fun, to the next level.

Avatar Snapshots 🎞️ - 

Using either in-app backgrounds or real life photos you can insert and modify your avatar’s expressions, poses and background until you’ve created the perfect snapshot of your digital counterpart.

Avatar Fun 🎮 - The social fun of Avatoon doesn’t stop at creating and sending photos. Win coins and share with friends as you explore Avatoon.

Send and Share 📩 - Effortlessly share your personalized stickers, emojis, and edited photos on any other social media you can think of.

Avatar Customization 📲 - Easily customize your avatar however you wish. From hair to eyes, clothes to nose, everything can be customized, to ensure your avatar looks just like you.

Style Options🎨 - Tons of customization options! Change your clothes, hair, and color scheme, to let your personal style really shine through.

Personalized Avatar Stickers✨ - Give your messages a personal touch! With a cute little cartoon you, expressing yourself has never been easier!

Avatoon is an awesome way to show the world 🌍 how unique you really are. Tons of customization options really let your personality shine through☀️! Whether texting, tweeting, gramming, or anything else, Avatoon is the premier tool to bring your emoji game to the next level.🔥Don’t wait to improve your profile, download now
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JioCall formerly Jio4Gvoice of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. is now coming in a new incarnation.

Now video call offline

Yes you are listening right.  Make a video call now offline 

 To take advantage of this feature, the phone must have a video call facility.  Also, you need to have a Geo seam. 
Offline video call facility is available in Geo. 

How to make a video call 

First of all we have to make a simple call to the person we want to make a video call to and when he receives the call then the video option in our phone and his phone is activated. 

Then tap the icon of the video call from one of the two phones so the message to receive the video call in the phone will come in the same person's phone. 

If the person in front says yes or accept then video call can be made in front.

Video quality in VideoCall is much better than whatsapp or other online video calling app and this thing also works offline.  Which has many benefits. Video quality has to be very good.  So you can check yourself. Hopefully you will find this information useful.

 JioCall formerly Jio4Gvoice of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. is now coming in a new incarnation.

  Did you know that you can make video calls from your fixed line number?  JioCall can make your fixedline connection smarter by making video and .dio calls using your smartphone.  For this, you have to configure your 10 digit Jio fixed line number on JioCall application.  By choosing a static profile on your JioCall app, you are ready to make or receive convenient calls from your fixed line number on your smartphone This service does not require a Jio SIM.

  JioCall will continue to offer features that were previously available.  It brings VoLTE high-definition VIS and video calling gender to your existing 2G, 3G, 4G smartphones.  You can use JioCall with JioSall in your phone or in JioFi from your phone.  Now you can use your non-VoLTE 4G smart phone to make HD voice and video calls to any landline or mobile number anywhere in the world.  You can also use these VoLTE features on your existing 2G / 3G smartphone via JioFi.

  Not only that, JioCall also marks the entry of Rich Communication Services (RCS) in India.  RCS has amazing features like rich file, chat, group chat, file share, location share, doodles, stickers and many more available.


HD Voice and video calling

Stay connected with friends, family and work around the world.  With both a fixedline and mobile profile on JioCall, you can call and receive from any other mobile / landline number.  You can also enjoy group conversations with multiple participants.  Enjoy HD voice and video calling with other Geo SIM or fixedline users..

  Unified messaging for SMS and chat

  With JioCall you can send and receive text messages from your Jio SIM number to any mobile number.  RCS allows you to group chat and share images, videos, location and all kinds of files on other RCS contacts like .zip, .pdf.  Set JioCall as your default messaging application to manage all your SMS and chat threads in one inbox.

  RCS also brings you enhanced gender features:

  Call the rich

  Bring more life to your calls with customized messaging, images and location on the receiver's screen.  Notify your call urgency on the receiver screen using the 'Urgent Call Call' feature.  It's hard to ignore what they all say!

  Call in stock
  Making sex more fun!  Express your thoughts with a quick doodle, share a party location or point to a meeting point in real time, all while you're on the go.  Share images and chat messages instantly without disconnecting your call!
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Sunday, December 27, 2020


Join Study at Home - Learning application in an efficient and transparent way

  The Study at Home - Learning application is a platform for managing the data associated with its Turing classes in the most efficient and transparent way.  It is a user-friendly application with attractive features like a complete on-the-go solution for parents to know about the class details of their wards like user online attendance, fee management, homework submissions, detailed performance reports and much more.  It has a great combination of simple user interface design and sleek features;  Very beloved by students, parents and teachers.  The Early Learning app for kids is for kids who want to learn ABC, verses, numbers, animal names, fruit names and more easily in interactive and fun ways.  It is a game of educational learning for children.  It is the best pre-school learning game for kindergarten children to learn during their pre-school.  The beginner learning app / pre-school learning app is perfect for toddlers to learn ABC, learn numbers, learn rhymes, learn animal names, learn fruit names.

  As one has rightly said - learning can be fun if taught properly from childhood

  Looking for a fun, free and easy educational app to help your toddler learn the sounds and trace letters of the alphabet?  Look no further than the Early Learning app to help children learn ABC, learn numbers, learn nursery rhymes, learn fruit names, and learn animal names with voice learning.


  Ful colored elementary education app that helps teach children

  A Learn ABC and the alphabet

  Learn 2 numbers

  Animal Learn animal names

  Learn the name of the Ruit fruit

  Nurs Learn Nursery Rhymes

  🔊 Smart interface helps kids focus on phoenix and letters without accidentally exiting the game

  To 100% free to use

  Early Learning is a free phoenix and alphabet education app that makes learning fun for kids, from toddlers to preschoolers and kindergarteners.  The pre-school learning app offers a range of tracing games to help children recognize the shapes of letters, associate them with phonetic sounds, and use the knowledge of the alphabet in fun matching exercises.  Any toddler, kindergartener or preschool child can learn English and the English alphabet by following the arrows with the finger.  They can also collect stickers and toys as soon as the tracing games are over












Why should preschool children use this game?

  Developed and reviewed by preschool education experts

  Rich Surprise rich, exploratory environment

  Funny, bright and creative artwork

  Child Your child can interact with the app at their speed

  Kids are designed for kids: no confusing menus or navigation.

  Bright, colorful, child-friendly design.

  Rich hundreds of rich graphics, vibrant sounds and beautiful special effects.

  Early Learning is more than just a child-friendly educational application, it was also designed with adult participation in mind.  The interface allows toddlers to focus on reading and writing the alphabet, keeping the tucking king menu commands away from moving fingers.  Adults can add teacher mode, view report cards, or access settings for tug-of-war and phoenix games to facilitate learning.

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

The fingerprint starter will start the bike at the touch of a finger, no need to fill the key

Automobile companies are using many future technologies to make their vehicles high-tech. In such a situation, a website called NevenExpress has come up with a fingerprint starter to advance the old bike. The company is submitting a requirement for this bike starter. With the help of this fingerprint starter you will get key-less entry in the bike. That means the bike will start with just a finger touch.

What is a fingerprint bike starter?

This fingerprint starter will work just like your smartphone or biometric lock. This means that the rider will have to register his finger first. The bike will then start with a finger touch. The special thing about this starter is that you don't need to put a key in the bike. It will also increase the safety of the bike.

  • In this you will be able to store the fingerprint data of many riders.
  • It has anti-towing feature, which means you will get alerts via SMS.
  • GPS tracker with anti thief feature is also provided.
  • No key is needed to start the bike.
  • This starter is waterproof and dustproof, meaning it will work every season.
  • Registration is required to purchase the product

To buy this product you have to go to the company's website and register. It will require name, company, e-mail ID, contact number, city, country and address. The user will also have to upload documents related to his information. The company will contact you once the information has been submitted. The price of this product has not been announced yet. It is believed that this product will be brought for open sale in the year 2021.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ


Many other companies are also making such products. Also, many companies have launched this type of product. But it is not yet used on many bikes.

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Gujarat Virtual Shala online Exam for std 9 TO 12 Students see the steps on how to take the exam

Gujarat Virtual Shala online Exam for std 9 TO 12 Students see the steps on how to take the exam & EXAM LINK.

Under the home learning program of Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat, online classes of Gujarat Virtual School Std-9 and Std-10 Mathematics (10 AM), Science (11 AM) Std-10 English (2.15 PM) and Std-12 Accounts (12.15 PM), Statistics (1.15 PM), Mathematics (12.15 PM) will be examined on 03-10-2020. So to participate in this exam, click on the link below and you will see the live video of our channel in front of you. Click on the video of that class. At the beginning of the class, you will be given the link to the exam in the Live Chat Box of that video. Can give. So please send this message to all the students so that the maximum number of students can participate in this exam.
In these hard times allowing students out on studies is not at all a safe decision so the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in association with the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has started an initiative in the area of digital learning, called DIKSHA portal. The main objective of the Diksha portal this Diksha e-learning portal is to assist teachers and the students to maintain their studies normally but in a different mode of learning.

Study at Home through DIKSHA portal – Amid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a national lockdown has been announced by the Hon. Prime Minister of India, who has requested all the citizens to cooperate and stay at home to curb the spread of the Corona Virus. During the turbulent times when the students are missing out on studies, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in association with the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has launched an initiative in the domain of digital learning, named, DIKSHA portal. The aim of this initiative is to help teachers and the students to continue their studies as usual, however, through different modes.

This lockdown has affected many businesses and mainly education. Stay at Home is the only medicine to save lives and Study at Home is the only option to keep alive the education in every student. So, today we have come up with a new concept called Study At Home through Diksha Portal. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Honble. The Prime minister has taken the call to lock down the whole country to control the coronavirus spread.

How to Take Online Exam for Gujarat Virtual Shala

Steps to join the entire education, Gujarati online exam Gujarat Virtual School

The SAMAGRA SHIKSHA includes courses ranging from pre-primary education to standard 12. With the broad goal of improving school effectiveness, everyone gets an excellent education and equal opportunities for schooling and equal learning outcomes are taken into account. The SAMAGRA SHIKSHA includes three pre-schemes of SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN (SSA), RASHTRIYA MADHYAMIK SHIKSHA ABHIYAN (RMSA), AND SHIKSHAK SHIKSHAN (TE).
At the time of the COVID-19 epidemic, all schools were declared closed by the government. Under this HOME LEARNING program has been started by the government. In this program, SAMAGRA SHIKSHA, the Government of Gujarat has tried to engage the students through live broadcasts through virtual classes so that the students feel like they are studying in the classroom. In which very good cooperation has been received from the students.

Welcome to the Virtual Class of Std-9 to 12 under the Home Learning Program through the SAMAGRA SHIKSHA. You can watch our live class live broadcast via the following media link. If you have any opinion, please let us know. Please share this video with relevant student 
friends around you.






















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Benefits of Dragon fruit Realy useful for good health

Benefits of Dragon  fruit  Realy useful for good health

ઈમ્યુનિટીને વધારવાની સાથે જ ઘણી બિમારીઓનો ઉપચાર કરે છે ડ્રેગન ફ્રૂટ, વાંચો તેના ફાયદાઓ વિશે

Dragon is a fruit species found in South America. Its scientific name is Hilocares unduts. It is a type of vine, belonging to the family Cactusia. Its stems are pulpy and juicy. Dragon fruit contains antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C. It helps in recovery from many serious diseases. Beta carotene and lycopene are also found in dragon fruit. Eating carotenoid rich foods reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Dragon fruit strengthens your immune system as well as your stomach. Even if your body is deficient in iron, dragon fruit is best for you. Let us know how Dragon Fruit can benefit the body.

This fruit helps control diabetes:

Dragon fruit has a natural antioxidant effect as well as flavonoids, phenolic acids, ascorbic acid and fiber. All of these elements can help control blood sugar levels. People should consume dragon fruit if they want to avoid the risk of diabetes in the future.

Dragons are beneficial for the heart:

The tiny black beans found in dragon fruit are good sources of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, which can help keep the heart healthy.

Controls Cholesterol:

Dragon fruit can lower total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. So, it can also help raise good cholesterol.

It is beneficial in stomach problems:

Dragon fruit keeps digestion healthy. They promote good microbiome in the stomach and intestines. This can help keep stomach and intestinal disorders at bay and keep the stomach and intestines healthy. Dragon fruit is rich in fiber and many vitamins, which can help improve the digestive system.

Treats Arthritis:

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants and can help eliminate arthritis.

Increases immunity:

Dragon fruit helps a lot in boosting the immune system. Vitamin-C present in dragon fruit strengthens the immune system. With the help of this the body can be protected from many diseases.

ગુજરાતીમાં ડીટેઇલ ફાયદાઓ અહિંથી વાંચો

Strengthens bones and teeth:

Dragon fruit strengthens bones and teeth. As it is a good source of calcium and phosphorus, its use can be beneficial for bones and teeth. The magnesium present in dragon fruit can also be beneficial for bones and teeth.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit in Asthma:

Dragon fruit can be used in asthma. One study suggests that regular consumption of dragon fruit relieves asthma and cough.

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Friday, December 25, 2020

Add this superfood to your routine diet, which will make your Acidity disappear

Health tips: Add this superfood to your routine diet, which will make your Acidity disappear

Junk food like pizza, pasta and samosa burgers and spicy and fried foods outside are the main reasons. The habit of waking up late at night and getting up late in the morning also has a very bad effect on digestion.

Acidity problem has become very common now. The main reason is our food patterns and life style. Junk food like pizza, pasta and samosa burgers and spicy and fried food outside are the main reasons. In addition, the habit of waking up late at night and getting up late in the morning also has a very bad effect on digestion.

The habit of drinking tea and coffee frequently also causes the problem of acidity. The habit of falling asleep immediately on the ground also increases the acidity. People who have a habit of drinking less water also have acidity. Those who suffer from acidity should quit if they have a smoking habit. So let us know what are the things that can be included in the routine diet (Routine diet) can get relief and relief in health tips.

1 - Bananas

Bananas are the best fruit and natural antacid. The problem of acidity can be got rid of if bananas are taken regularly for breakfast.

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2 - Coconut water

Coconut water is naturally alkaline. So it naturally helps reduce acidity.

3 - Round

Many people have a habit of swallowing something after a meal. People with ACDT are less likely to develop SCDT if they use both time tablets in their meals.

4 - Herbs

Ajmo, Tulsi, Mint gives quick relief in acidity. It can be used in different ways. But if you use these herbs on a daily basis, you can keep acidity away.

5 - Anise

We have a tradition of eating aniseed after a meal there. Because it keeps the digestive system clean by keeping away acidity. So don't forget to eat aniseed after meal.

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6 - White pumpkin juice

White pumpkins are more common in North India. Its juice is very beneficial. Drinking white pumpkin juice every morning will not cause acidity. But those who have a cough nature should not drink this juice. Because the effect of white pumpkin is cool.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

7 - Drink more water

Water is more effective than acid removers. Drinking a glass of water gives relief in 1 minute while acid removers have the same effect in 2 hours.

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visiting this TOP-5 beach in Gujarat, forget about foreign beaches

visiting this TOP-5 beach in Gujarat, forget about foreign beaches

You will love going to the beach on vacation. But do you know where Gujarat and the most beautiful beaches in the country are? If you want to enjoy the harmony of peace and beauty, you need to visit here once.

 Gujaratis who are fond of getting lost do not pay to enjoy the fun of the beach. Gujarat has the largest coastline of 1600 km. And the beach here is crowded with tourists. Seeing these beaches of Gujarat, you will also forget the foreign beaches. There are many beaches in Gujarat. But we have found for you the top 5 beaches of Gujarat. Wherever you go you will find a view of the boundless beauty of nature. And these 5 beaches make you forget about foreign beaches too.

Most people prefer to go to the beach on vacation. People spend their holidays in a beautiful, clean and secluded place. When you think of going to a beach in India, you will give priority to this beach first. Where beauty and cleanliness will enliven your mind with peace. Here are the top 5 beaches in Gujarat. Your heart will be glad to see the pictures.

1) Shivrajpur Beach, Dwarka

Dwarka's Shivrajpur Beach is very popular as it gives a boost to the Gujarat tourism sector. The beach has also got the International Blue Flag Certification. The picturesque Shivrajpur Beach is just 15 minutes away from the Rukmini Temple in Dwarka. A beautiful lighthouse and rocky beaches are the center of attraction here. Shivrajpur beach is the purest and quietest beach away from industry and city.

2) Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Saurashtra, is considered as a host post for tourists. With good facilities, Madhapavur Beach has been successful in attracting national and international tourists.

3) Somnath Beach

The heart of Saurashtra, Somnath Beach is one of the best beaches in India. One of its peculiarities is that the famous Shiva temple there has the first Jyotirlinga out of 12. During Mahashivaratri, a large number of people throng there. But one can enjoy the natural beauty in a quiet environment on this beach.

4) Pingleshwar, Kutch

Pingleshwar and Mandvi beaches enhance the beauty of Kutch. Pingleshwar is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Gujarat. Pingleshwar beach, considered as the hub of beauty of Kutch, is a huge tourist attraction. Besides, the Shiva temple located there is very famous. Where a fair is also organized every Monday of Shravan month.

5) Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach in Valsad, situated between Surat and Umargaon, is a unique tourist attraction. Tithal Beach is one of the best places to enjoy in Gujarat. In addition, many places of interest like Saputara, Dandi, Daman and Udvada are located near Tithal Beach. So, Tithal Beach is considered as a host post for tourists in South Gujarat.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

Apart from this, there are Miani Beach near Porbandar in Gujarat, Gopnath Beach 75 km away from Bhavnagar, Bhavani Beach, Hemadpur Beach of Mandvi in ​​Junagadh, the famous Dwarka Beach, Pirotan Island in Jamnagar, Madhi, Lagoon, Positra, Balachadi Beach which attract tourists. Is the most beautiful, quiet and clean in Gujarat. If you enjoy hiking, this is a must visit.

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Never take a loan from a money lending mobile apps loan, find out the 4 ways companies are cheating

 Never take a loan from a money lending mobile apps loan, find out the 4 ways companies are cheating

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has appealed to people to beware of digital money lending mobile apps that provide instant loans. The scam involving crores of rupees has come to light. Three people from Andhra Pradesh have committed suicide after taking a loan from a similar app

In fact, many companies promise to offer loans at attractive interest rates in a short period of time. The latter is forced to recover the remaining amount. The popularity of such services increased during the Corona period among people going through economic hardships.

What's the whole matter?

A few days ago, police raided the finance offices of four instant loan apps in Gurugram and Hyderabad. Two of these offices are in Gurugram and two in Hyderabad. His entire network of offices operated from Jakarta.

Hyderabad Joint Commissioner of Police Avinash Mohanty said 30 loan apps were running in all the four offices. These apps provided loans to people at 35% interest without RBI approval. That means the money was going to double in three months. These mobile apps used to scare and intimidate the borrowers if the loan installment was not paid on time. The whole affair came to light when three people committed suicide in Hyderabad after being harassed by these threats and harassment.

Did the RBI appeal for caution?

People are falling prey to digital fraud in the cycle of quick loans. So don't take a loan through mobile apps. Because your documents may be tampered with.

Check all records of the lending company. Such companies charge customers high interest rates, as well as hidden charges that are not initially known to customers.

Customers should not give a copy of their KYC document to a stranger or app.

Where do you complain about this type of fraud?

Customers can complain about such apps and bank accounts online. The name of this online portal is Sachet.

You can complain online by going to the link

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તમે લિંક પર જઈને ઓનલાઈન ફરિયાદ કરી શકો છો.

How to identify a fraudulent loan?

According to the RBI, all digital lending apps must disclose to the customer the bank or NBFC through which they make futures.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

The name and address of the registered NBFC can be found by visiting the website of the Reserve Bank. Complaints can be lodged against them through the portal.

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