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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A collection of Gujarati wedding songs is available online.

A collection of the Gujarati wedding songs is  a available online.

Gujarati language has a very powerful songs like a Gujarati Bhajan, Santvani, Du ha, Ch-hand, Gujarati Kavita, Lag-git (wedding in a song), Gujarati in a Garbo, Lok geet, Ra's, Ghazal and the many types of the songs.

For our new age, 90% of the women do not know marriage in a songs, so we have a given a new Gujarati wedding song app which has all the  kinds of the wedding on songs in a Gujarati for a Gujarati people.

The Gujarati Lagna Geet app are includes all the types of the Lagan Geet or a Lagna Geet which are used in a Gujarat.

  - Use to a Gujarati wedding song as a pocket in a dictionary
  - 100+ Wedding in a Song (Gujarati Songs)
  - Increase - Decrease a text in a size
  - Gujarati language in a support
  - Share to a songs in one click
  - Save to your favorite in a song
  - Show a extra favorite in a list
  - Next - movement of the previous in a songs
  - Easy, fast and in the custom setting
  - No internet are required.  And free to the download
  - Free premium in a features.

If you like our app, then do not a forget to the rate it, review it and the share it with your loved ones.
All over in the world, there are a large number of the religions with in their own different 'cultures'.  In all the different cultures, marriage is a wonderful thing filled with a unique and the  marvelous in a traditions.

Gujarati culture is a very famous for in their traditional in a  marriages.  In this are tradition there are songs for all the wedding functions which they are call 'Lagna Geet'.

We are create an a app to the learn a Gujarati Lyrics, especially a Gujarati Lug git, Gujarati Marriage in a Song in a  Lyrics.

Gujarati wedding in a  song |  Gujarati Songs app has a wonderful collection of the Gujarati marriage songs as a 'Gujarati Marriage Song Lyrics'.

  Key Features:

📯 Easy and user friendly

  All the  ‘custom’ songs are covered in the All the  app
  Internet does not a require to an a internet connection

  Gujarati All the songs in a Gujarati language
  Font 80+ Lagna Gits (Songs) Songs in a Gujarati Font
  App The size of the app is a small

Using in this app you can be a easily carry to a number of the wedding songs in your pocket and you can be a easily a read Gujarati marriage in a songs anywhere.

Gujarati Marriage a Songs app is a available in a Gujarati language.  Gujarati  are wedding in a songs Gujarati wedding songs are mainly read or a played to during a marriage in a ceremony.  These Gujarati wedding songs are mainly known as a Gujarati wedding in a song Gujarati wedding in a song.  In a Hindi, people call it is a Shaadi or Geet in a Gujarati.  Promise is the main custom of the marriage.

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