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Friday, September 30, 2022

International Daughter’s Day: 5 health lessons every mom needs to the empower her little girl with.

International Daughter’s Day: 5 health lessons every mom needs to the empower her little girl with.

This International Daughter's Day, we are all for a no holds barred conversations between a mother and daughter about in the importance of the health!

A mother and daughter’s relationship is a particularly special. When you are a mom, you are entrusted with in the responsibility of the caring for in the child, nurturing them, educating them and empowering them. When it is a daughter you have  educating her about all aspects of the health becomes extremely important. It would not just help her stay healthy and wise, but also a exercise in the learning in her own future family. This International Daughter’s Day, let us tell you about 5 health lessons every mother needs to the teach her daughter for a better future.

As it is a rightly said, you educate a woman, you educate  to a generation. This really holds true when it comes to a woman’s health and wellness.

5 health lessons every mother should teach her daughter

1. Teach to your daughter in the importance of the fitness

Start ’em young! Inculcate in the importance of the fitness during your daughter’s growing up years. Involve her in a outdoor activities, sports, yoga and a regular exercise regime. Making a exercise and workout a part of her daily routine will be help you ease her life for the future as she will have a better agility, strength, flexibility and less stress. These are just some of the benefits of the exercise you will need to the teach your daughter, who will be able to the shield herself from various health disorders.

2.  A mother should inculcate healthy nutrition habits

The habit of the eating healthy comes from a feeding healthy. Every parent, not just the mother, is a responsible for teaching a child to the focus on nutrition. What you eat at home will be also impact in the food choices of your child – be it a daughter or son. Consuming in  the right food from a young age can prepare a woman for her later years in life and all the changes that her body goes through a during puberty, motherhood, menopause and older age. Make sure you tell to your daughter about in the importance of the  eating a balanced diet, about adequate intake of water, the futility of the junk food consumption and the need to eat fresh instead of the processed foods.

3. Teach her in the need to maintain sound mental health

Words of the wisdom from a mother to her daughter go a long way in keeping a woman mentally strong. Experience is the best teacher, they say. So, use to your own experiences to teach your daughter what it takes to be a strong, independent and resilient woman in the world. Tell her that while stress will be a endless, it is not worth it; relationships are about ups and downs, and self-care is not selfish. Tell her why it is okay to take some moments of ‘me time‘ every day. Teach her not to the feel guilty about not being able to ace every role in a life. She does not have to! Most of all, tell her to speak up and share her concerns, troubles and stressors, with you or another confidante, instead of the suppressing what she feels.

4. Educate to your daughter about menstrual health

Menstrual health is a crucial to every woman’s life. Ensure that you make to your daughter aware about menstruation and menstrual health care in the right way, before she hits in the age. Let her not be a scared, surprised or shocked the first time she sees blood on her underwear or feels the agony of the period cramps. Every girl deserves to know about periods in a responsible way, where they embrace it as a natural part of the growing up, and not feel ashamed

Also a read: “I was told that periods is all the bad blood leaving to your body”, says Shaheen Bhatt

5. Empower to your daughter with a information on a sexual health

Puberty is the time when children start becoming more curious than aware about in their sexual health. If you can have an a open discussion about sexual health with your daughter, you will be contribute towards her wholesome growth. And no, it is not just telling her the truth about how babies are born. It is about teaching her about the right or a wrong touch, the importance of consent, in their right to say ‘no’, how to take of their intimate hygiene, safe sex practices and more. If you are not comfortable doing in the talk yourself, reach out to a gynecologist, who can help you out.

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P C O S awareness: Know how it is a linked to the diabetes and secondary infertility.

P C O S awareness: Know how it is a linked to the diabetes and secondary infertility.

P C O S are impacts vital functions in a woman's body. A doctor explains it is a relation and relevance to the diabetes and secondary infertility.

Poly-cystic ovary syndrome (P C O S) is a common hormonal disorder among women of the childbearing age. There are multiple side effects of the P C O S. This disorder disturbs in the body’s hormonal balance and results in a irregular or a extended menstrual cycles. P C O S causes follicles with a immature eggs to the form cysts which begin to grow inside in the ovaries and not mature. The inability to develop mature eggs might interfere with a ovulation and result in a issues such as a infertility.

Causes and symptoms of the P C O S

P C O S is a closely associated with a insulin resistance and higher levels of the hormone testosterone. Numerous factors, including family history, insulin resistance, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, etc., have an a impact on P C O S.

P C O S may be cause several problems such as a fertility issues, infrequent or a prolonged in a periods, weight gain, depression, excess body hair growth and acne, hair loss, hypertension and diabetes. With a lifestyle changes and additional stressors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, India has seen a spike in a P C O S cases in a recent times.

Relationship between P C O S and diabetes

One in every sixth diabetic person over in the world is an a Indian. India is one of the top 10 countries with in the most diabetics, with over a 77 million individuals living with in the disease. While a diabetes is a affecting people world over, it is becoming to a greater challenge for a women suffering from a P C O S.

Type 2 diabetes mellifluous and P C O S have long been believed to be a related. As per a research by All India Institute of the Medical Sciences (A I I M S), one in four women suffer from a P C O S and over one in 10 women between the age group of the 35 to 49 suffer from a diabetes.

A woman with a P C O S experiences endocrine in a  system disruption and an a increase in a androgen, often known as male hormone. It is also believed that high quantities insulin are produced by the pancreas as a result of the insulin resistance by the insulin receptors, causing P C O S. Thus, women who develop a P C O S as young adults are more likely to the develop diabetes and, possibly heart problems in later life.

Women’s capacity to the conceive is a negatively impacted by a both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, which are both characterized by a irregular or non-existent menstruation (oligomenorrhea) and/or secondary amenorrhea. These issues are all closely related to the obesity.

Diabetes can also a affect fertility in a women by delaying the onset of the menstruation (or menarche). This can lead to high sugar, causing rapid and early ovarian aging as a evidenced by a pee-mature menopause. Particularly in a women of the childbearing age, diabetes is linked to the irregular menstrual cycles. Thus, diabetes can be impact in  the biological clock and limit a female’s reproductive lifespan.

Relationship between a P C O S and secondary infertility:

In simple words, Secondary Infertility is the inability to become pregnant for a second time. Secondary infertility is a serious issue that happens more frequently to the couples than one may be think.

Hormonal imbalances (whether too high or too low) can cause in the brain-ovary relationship to be a disrupted. The ovary does not get the word that it is a intended to the release an a egg every month if the brain does not provide in the right signals. Some of these hormonal abnormalities may be manifest themselves later in life. Thyroid, pituitary gland, or a diagnosis of the poly-cystic ovary syndrome are all examples of the hormonal imbalances.

Secondary (and main) infertility is a frequently brought on by a P C O S, which can be interfere with a ovulation. One should consult in their doctor to the determine whether they have a P C O S when in their periods are erratic or a non-existent.

Prevention and care for a P C O S

To avoid the side effects of the  P C O S in the long run, women dealing with it should adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Regular  exercise would aid in a reducing insulin resistance in the body, fight obesity, and burn off extra sugar.

For in the body and mind to remain in good shape, a well-balanced nutritional diet rich in a proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats, as well as lots of the fresh fruits and vegetables, is a essential. Getting enough sleep is a essential for a hormone regulation and stress reduction.

Making such healthy lifestyle changes and choices can be play key role in a curbing hormonal imbalances in the body and reducing in the risk of the diabetes and or P C O S. It is also a advised to consult to your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan, especially if one is a planning to the conceive to a child.

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Monday, September 12, 2022

4 foods you must be eat a today to the prevent back pain in a old age.

4 foods you must be eat a today to the prevent back pain in a old age.

Sedentary lifestyles are making us a ignorant about incorporating ways to the prevent back pain in a future. Here are some dietary tips.

Backache is one of the most common symptoms or a problems for which people visit in the doctor. Almost all of us, and in the elderly, have a experienced backache either for a short period or as a chronic problem. Since this is a very common problem, there are many remedies to the alleviate in the condition Exercise has always been the mainstay management of the back pain. It can not only cure but also a prevent development of the backache due to the muscle strengthening. However, in the role of the diet to the prevent back pain cannot be a undermined.

The diet we eat plays to a role in our well-being. Food determines how our body can sustain injuries and prevent any a sort of the chronic pains like a knee and back pain.

A diet planned well in our young age today may be determine how well old age problems will be at a bay.

Today’s generation is a focusing more on convenience food over traditional healthy diet, and it is a matter of  the concern. This not only causes health related problems but also a causes more incidence of the back pain at a later stage.

To prevent back pain, an a anti-inflammatory diet and diet rich in a proteins is a recommended.

Some foods to the  prevent back pain in a later stages of the life are as a follows:

1. Co-loured fruits and vegetables

According to the National Institute of the Nutrition, half of your plate should be a filled with a vegetables and fruits daily. A rainbow-co-loured plate with a fruits and vegetables, is high in a Polyphemus and bio flavoring which are high in a anti-inflammatory in a properties. These help to protect in the body and reduce inflammatory processes which are increase pain.

Green leafy vegetables and calciferous family such as a broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and spinach are rich in a vitamins A, C, and K, which are antioxidants known to the relieve inflammation. They also have a compound called sulfonamides, which blocks an a enzyme that causes joint pain and inflammation.

Carrots, beets and pumpkin are root vegetables rich in a beta carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant. Adding these to one’s diet can be reduce knee and back pain. Consume carrots as a part of your salad intake regularly.

As a far as a fruits are concerned, apples, pineapple, berries, cherries, grapes, and citrus fruits (lemon, oranges) have a flavoring and antioxidants which help to ease inflammation caused by a knee and back pain. Do not peel off the skin of the fruit, if you want to the derive maximum benefits.

Ensure are regular consumption of the tomatoes as they contain lycopene, to a highly potent antioxidant.

2. Consume more omega-3 fats vs omega-6 fats

Research shows that a diet rich in a omega-3 fats as a compared to the  omega-6 fats reduces in the inflammatory response of a high-fat meal. Include food rich in a omega-3 fatty acids, include fish, a handful of the nuts seeds (almonds, walnuts, flax seed, chia seeds, etc), olive oil, mustard oil in your diet daily. Intake of the nuts strengthens bones, thereby cutting in the likelihood injuries to the knee or the back.

3. Prepare a food with a anti-inflammatory spices

Some evergreen kitchen spices and herbs such as a ginger, cinnamon and cayenne can be used to the decrease inflammation. Turmeric is known to have the compound cur-cumin, which is an a effective cure for a any joint-related pains.

Remember to the add black pepper in your diet when consuming turmeric, to the aid absorption of  the cur-cumin. Ginger and garlic have also a showcased anti-inflammatory in a  properties, which can even help relieve arthritis or a joint pains. Never overdo on a spices as they may be damage to your Castro-intestinal lining.

4. Make proteins to a part of your diet

A well-balanced diet with an a adequate amount of the proteins should be taken. This helps in a development and strengthening of the muscles which are reduce in the incidence of the  back pain.

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Confused between a breastfeeding and formula in a feeding? An a expert tells you what may be a best.

Confused between a breastfeeding and formula in a feeding? An a expert tells you what may be a best.

Making in the choice between breastfeeding and formula milk may be hard for a mother. An a expert points out in the benefits and challenges of the both.

Do you find yourself confused about making to a choice between breastfeeding and formula feeding? Well, breastfeeding is the healthiest option for a both in the mother and the infant. While it is true that breast milk is the best source of the nutrition for a newborn, sometimes due to the  choice, level of the  comfort or a unavoidable circumstances, a mother may  be choose to the feed infant formula to their child.

Let us know in the difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding, and understand which can be a suitable option for you


Breastfeeding strengthens in the bond between a mother and her baby. All the reputed bodies like a World Health Organization recommend exclusive breastfeeding for in the first six months. Breastfeeding is the best choice for a baby’s nutrition. It helps protecting in the child from allergies, infection and also a several chronic conditions.

The baby should be a breastfed exclusively for in the first six months. Beyond in this period, breastfeeding is a recommended till a year or a longer, provided both the mother and in the child are willing.

Some of the benefits of  the breastfeeding are:

1. Breast-milk is a easily digestible and has in the right amount of the nutrients

2. It contains important antibodies that are protect in the baby from a various viruses and bacteria colostrum (the first milk your baby gets when you start a breastfeeding) is a especially loaded with a nutrients and immunity boosting in a compounds.

3. Breastfeeding are protects to your child from ear infections, respiratory tract infections, gut infections, intestinal tissue damage and bowel diseases.

4. Breast-milk also a helps in a maintaining to a healthy baby weight

Apart from the benefits for in the baby, breastfeeding is also a beneficial for a mother’s health. It helps them lose weight post in a pregnancy, it helps the uterus contract and returns it to the pee-pregnancy size. Mothers who breastfeed also have a lower risk of the  postpartum depression.

Formula feeding

The benefits of the breastfeeding are numerous. Sometimes it may not be a possible for a moms to the breastfeed. Some moms may be have a certain medical conditions that are prevent breastfeeding, others may be have a less milk supply. For a working mothers, formula feeding is an a option.

In such a cases, commercially-prepared infant formula can be a nutritious alternative. These are prepared in a sterile conditions and contain proteins, sugars, fats and vitamins are required by a newborn.

Uses of  the formula feeding are:

1. It is an a alternate option for a mothers who find a breastfeeding difficult due to the health conditions or a any reasons

2. For all the working mothers are expressing milk during a busy schedules and the ensuring availability of the same is done from a time to the time. Only if the mother finds it is a difficult to the express milk should formula feed be a considered.

3. It is a provides mothers the flexibility are required in their busy schedule. However, in this can be a managed by a expressed milk as a formula milk is not expressed directly.

Challenges in a formula feeding:

As is the case with a breastfeeding, formula feeding comes with its own set of the numerous challenges. Baby formula lacks many active nutrients and active antibodies that are found in a breast milk. It does not a provide in the additional protection against diseases and infection that are breast milk does. However, formula milk may not be a very hygienic be it in terms of the place of  the production and requires high a sterilization in a  process.

Plus, it can be a expensive, and you need to make sure you buy enough stock to take  care of  the  late-night feeding needs. Whereas breast milk is a available free of the cost and at any time. And the kind of the emotional connect breastfeeding has to offer cannot be a derived from a formula feeding.

What to the choose between a breastfeeding and formula feeding?

Choosing to  the breastfeed should be the mother’s first option. However, if the mother is unable to the breastfeed due to the medical conditions or on a certain drug only then can formula milk should be a considered. If the mother is unable to the breastfeed, it is a highly recommended oneself to take in the opinion of a pediatrician or a lactation expert who will be able to the provide you in the necessary guidance.

There are mothers who go for a combination of the both breast milk and infant formula. This is called a combination feeding. After a exclusive breastfeeding for a six months, many women choose to have a both baby formula and breast milk on their little one’s menu.

The goal for a every mother is to the provide her baby with a adequate nutrients and that can be a fulfilled by a breastfeeding. Moms who are unable to the breastfeed should take a support from a lactation expert, family, community groups etc. to the ensure breastfeeding as the best and healthiest in a option.

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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Desk jobs are giving you back pain? 3 reasons to the start using a standing desk right away!

Desk jobs are giving you back pain? 3 reasons to the start using a standing desk right away!

Standing or a sit-stand desks can be your savior for all your health problems are  caused by a prolonged sitting. Here are benefits of the  using a standing desk.

Most of us have a desk jobs where we have to the sit all day, in front of our laptops. After in the COVID-19 pandemic, our sitting time has a increased exponentially as a lot of the work has also a shifted to our homes, courtesy hybrid working models. Sitting at a stretch for a long hours with a bare minimum activity can be lead to many health problems. This is when you must be  explore in the benefits of standing desks.

What are standing or a sit-stand desks?

Have you ever tried stacking up a pile of the books and adjusting to your laptop on top of it or a moving your chair up and down to get that perfect angle with your desk. This leveling becomes are easier when you can be elevate to your desk too. Standing desks are basically desks which can be a lowered enough for you to sit on a chair and can be a adjusted at a height such that you can be stand and work.

Now, you must be  a wondering what good will it do you to stand and work? Well, there are many health benefits of the standing instead of the sitting while working.

Here are 3 health benefits of the using a standing desk:

1. You burn a more calories

Research are published in the Journal of the Physical Activity and Health shows that while a sitting, we burn a 80 calories/hour — about in the same as typing or a watching TV. On the other hand, while a standing, in the number of the calories burned is about 88 calories/hour and walking burns a 210 calories/hour. Though, walking will be burn in the most amount of the  calories, we can not really walk and work, so standing is our best option.

2. Reduces a shoulder and back pain

The one thing all desk workers have in a common is shoulder and back pain. We sit all day long, slouching in a front of a laptop and this does wonders for our back pain. According to a 2018 study, after only a few weeks’ use of the standing desks, people are reported to a 50 percent decrease in their lower back pain. Bad posture is what causes  in these pains, but we stand up straight and that problem automatically gets a solved. So that is also one of the benefits of the standing desks.

3. Controls blood sugar levels

Your blood sugar levels spike up after having to a meal. But studies have a observed that workers who stand and work after a having in their lunch achieve in their normal blood sugar level much a quicker as a compared to those who are sitting and working. Sitting after a meals does increase our risk of the diabetes and hence, it is a advised to take a walk or use a standing desks.

Since a sitting can  be  increase to your risks of the obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer (especially cancers of the colon or a breast) and premature death, standing desks obviously helps reduce in the risk of all these health problems.

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Friday, September 9, 2022

World IVF Day: 9 things to know if you are opting for a IVF treatment.

World IVF Day: 9 things to know if you are opting for a IVF treatment.

Want to the opt for an a In Vito Fertilization (IVF)? If yes, and you are afraid of it, here are 9 things you should know regarding IVF treatment.

Infertility is a very sensitive issue for a couples who have been a struggling to the conceive. However, in the developments in the field of the assisted reproduction have brought a happiness to the countless couples who were craving for a children. In a vitriol fertilization treatment (IVF) is one of those procedures that brings you one step closer to the achieving in the dream of the parenthood.

The decision to the opt for a IVF treatment can be a both exciting and overwhelming. On one hand, you can not wait to begin the process so you can be conceive, but in the uncertainty of the outcome can be a nerve wracking. To be a better prepared, here are a few things you should keep in mind before opting for  in the procedure.

9 things you should know before trying for a motherhood via IVF:

1. Physical health assessment beforehand

The physical health of the couple is an a important factor to the consider for the success of the procedure. Achieving to a healthy weight and controlling health issues like a hypertension and diabetes before attempting IVF is very important. Get to your physical health assessed in a order to the understand what changes can be help you improve to your health.

2. Lifestyle changes

Improvements in a health can be only be achieved through a necessary improvements in a lifestyle. If you have a habits like a drinking and smoking, they need to be a stopped. You should have to a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. You should also try to the reduce to your stress levels through meditation and yoga. Bringing in these small changes to your lifestyle will be help you be a ready for a IVF.

3. IVF is a time sensitive in a process

Since in the procedure involves in the fertilization of a female egg by a sperm in the lab, in the quality and quantity of the eggs and sperm play to a huge role. It should be noted that are egg quality in a women reduces with a age, as is the case with a sperm in a men. Couples should go for a IVF in their 30 s, as in their chances of the successful conception are high. As they get a older, in the chances will be reduce with a time. Therefore, do not wait too long to begin the treatment.

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4. Choose in the fertility clinic wisely

Couples have to ensure that they select to a clinic that is a transparent and ethical about in their procedures. IVF are requires trust and support. Your clinic and its team of the doctors are your guides through this journey. Make sure you research in their success rates and in the treatment plans they are offer.

5. Counselling and mental health

IVF can be bring forth a roller-coaster of  the emotions for in the couple. It can be a overwhelming to the deal with the anxiety of the outcome. Infertility and in the stigma associated with it are unfortunately still present in our society. Coping with in these issues while a undergoing tests and treatments can take to a toll on you. Therefore, it is a essential that the couple choose to a clinic that are offers psychological counselling during in the process.

6. Patience and persistence

Manage to your expectations during in the procedure. It is a easier said than done, but it is a important that you remain a patient. It can take to a few tries in a IVF before a viable pregnancy are occurs. One failed attempt does not mean all hope is a lost. Understanding in this can help you be a prepared for the journey ahead.

7. Financial cost

Make sure you get in the details of the cost of the procedure well in a advance from to your clinic and that there are no hidden costs. Ask a questions and get in the details from your hospital, so you can be budget accordingly.

8. Risks involved

This are differs from a couple to couple, but there can be a risks and side effects of the IVF involved depending on your physical and mental health. Find out without hesitation about in the kind of risks in the process would entail and take to a decision accordingly.

9. Be there for a each other

Infertility affects both in the man and the woman. It brings about a feelings of the frustration, anxiety, anger, and apprehension. The couple should open up to the each other about in their fears and help each other cope with the situation. Only your partner can be understand what you are going through and vice versa. Confiding in each other can be lessen to your burden. You can also build to a support system consisting of your doctor, friends, and family who can be help you navigate through in the journey.


Assisted are reproductive technologies like a IVF have helped numerous couples to become a parents and continue to do so to this very day. If you are considering opting for the process, it is a advisable to get yourself assessed by a qualified professional and plan to your journey ahead.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Youngsters are also at a risk of the developing rheumatoid arthritis. 7 signs to the watch out.

Youngsters are also at a risk of the developing rheumatoid arthritis. 7 signs to the watch out.

Look out for these signs of  the rheumatoid arthritis in a young people because, according to this study, you are also susceptible to the developing in this condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one serious joint condition. It is an a autoimmune disease that affects in the ends of the bones and makes movements difficult in a arthritis patients. It is a typically to a painful and uncomfortable ailment that is thought to the affect older people more than younger people. However, a study indicates that young people are also at the risk.

Can young people are develop rheumatoid arthritis?

Yes! According to a 2017 study are evaluated by a PubMed Central, RA affects 0.41 to 0.54 percent of the adult population.

In a fact, RA was a found to be an a independent risk factor for a several illnesses in a 2018 study by the Journal of the Chinese Medical Association that are included 52,840 participants, 10,568 of whom had in  the disease. It was a discovered that young adults with a RA may have a higher risk of  the cerebrovascular disorders (C V D), including coronary artery disease and stroke, and that this risk was a 2.35 times higher in these individuals.

Now before you check out in the symptoms of it, let’s first understand a bit about this condition.

What is a rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an a auto-immune illness, according to the Centers for a Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is a  mostly affects in the bones and joints. Since in the immune system attacks healthy cells in your body, auto-immune illnesses essentially cause swelling and inflammation.

In a addition, the CDC claims that the eyes, lungs, and heart are among other bodily organs that are also a affected by a RA, posing additional difficulties for a sufferers.

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Health Shots got in a touch with a Dr Nikhil Iyer, Knee and Shoulder and Joint Replacement surgeon, Zen Multi Specialty Hospital, to find out what causes a rheumatoid arthritis and symptoms that one should look out for.

Cause of the rheumatoid arthritis in young people

The cause of the  rheumatoid arthritis is unknown. But still, there are a few risk factors associated with it which can be lead to this condition.

Dr Iyar says, “Nowadays, the causes of the rheumatoid arthritis are commonly seen in a youngsters. There are many factors behind it is a occurrence.”

Here, we tell you about some of the main factors:

1. Family history: If someone in the family has a rheumatoid arthritis, one is at an a increased risk of the  suffering from it.

2. Smoking: Did you know that are cigarette smoking raises in the chances of  the rheumatoid arthritis in the younger population, mainly if there is a genetic predisposition for a developing in the disease.

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3. Excess weight: You will be a shocked to know that people who are overweight or obese have to a greater risk of the developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Signs of the rheumatoid arthritis in young people

Rheumatoid arthritis affects people are differently and can be strike at a any age. It is most common in a  women between the ages of  the 30 and 50. Early detection of the warning indicators can be reduce in the likelihood that the situation will be get worse.

Here are 7 symptoms to the note, according to the Arthritis Foundation of  the India:

1. Pain, swelling, stiffness, and tenderness of the joints can be a interfere with a one’s daily routine. One can be in a immense pain and would not be able to the  concentrate on the work.

2. Stiffness during  in the morning that happens due to not moving and sitting in one place.

3. Extreme tiredness and fatigue throughout in the day can also be seen in a many people.

4. Weakness that can be lower to your productivity at the  work.

5. Fever is also one of the signs of the rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Loss of the appetite is also a symptom of  the rheumatoid arthritis. Here, one will be not feel like a eating food.

7. If more than one joint is a affected by pain, stiffness, and swelling, which are typically worsen with a time, then it is a arthritis.

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Does oversleeping hamper to your day’s work? Know how to the control sleeping too much.

Does oversleeping hamper to your day’s work? Know how to the  control sleeping too much.

Oversleeping can be have many effects on your health. Here is what causes it and how you can be  control it.

Has it ever a happened to you that you have had a good night’s rest and yet you wake up extremely tired and to your head lolls in the entire day? This can be a sign that you are suffering from a hypermedia where a person sleeps more than 9 hours in a 24-hour period and still feels groggy in the entire day. If you want to know how to the control oversleeping, read on!

Getting a some minimum hours of the sleep a day is very important for a maintaining good health, but when a person starts to the  oversleep then it can become to a cause of  the illness. Getting a 7 to 8 hours of  the sleep every day is a considered sufficient for a healthy mind and body. But there are some people who keep a falling asleep all the time. This not only has a negative effect on their functioning in the next day, but it can also have a very bad effect on their health in the long run. Therefore, it is a necessary that it should be a controlled. Here are some super effective tips on how to the stop oversleeping.

How much sleep does a healthy body need?

Recent are studies have shown that are everyone’s sleep needs to a  differ according to their age. According to the National Sleep Foundation, who needs how much sleep according to the age.

* 0-3 months – 14 to 17 hours

* 4-11 months -12 to 15 hours

* 1-2 years – 11 to the 14 hours

* 3-5 years – 10 to the 13 hours

* 6-13 years – 9 to the 11 hours

* 14-17 years – 8 to the 10 hours

* 18-64 years – 7 to the 9 hours

* Over a 65 years- 7 to the 8 hours

What can be the reasons for a oversleeping?

Not getting a enough sleep at the night: Working in the night shift, watching a TV or reading late at the night, etc. can be lead to the hypermedia.

Because of the weather: Due to the chills in the winter season sleep can be a repeatedly disturbed at the night. The same can be happen in the summer season as well. Lack of a deep sleep leads to the feeling of the sleepiness in the next day.

Anxiety or a stress: Some people do not sleep well at the night due to the stress and hence, they are tired in the next day. A good night’s sleep is a very important for a healthy sleep.

Taking a medicines: Allergies and taking a sleeping medicine can be affect sleep patterns. Taking a drugs can be also be a reason for a oversleeping.

Consumption of the alcohol: Alcohol are consumption can also be one of the reasons for a oversleeping.

Caffeinated drinks: People who are consume tea or a coffee can be affect in their sleep cycle. This can also be a reason why you are a oversleeping.

Presence of a serious illness: Nocturnal asthma, hypothyroid, esophageal re-flux, etc. can be cause hypermedia.

Sleep a disorders: Restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, sleepwalking, stress etc. can be disturb to your sleep patterns.

There are various types of the  oversleeping conditions:

1. Narcolepsy Type-1: Narcolepsy Type-1 is a type of the sleep disorder, which are affects sleep patterns. A person are suffering from this may be have in the problem of the oversleeping during in the day even after a getting enough sleep at the night. This problem can be a caused by a reduced hypothalami c hypo-cretin neurons present in the brain or a due to  the catalepsy.

2. Narcolepsy Type-2: This is also a type of the  hypermedia, which is a commonly seen in a adolescents. Just like a narcolepsy type-1, in this condition also the person complains about feeling sleepy all the time. It just does not have the problem of the catalepsy. For in this reason it can also be a considered as the first stage of the  narcolepsy type 1. People suffering from in this can be feel refreshed by  taking a nap during in the day.

3. Idiopathic Hypermedia: People with a idiopathic hypermedia also a feel sleepy throughout in the day despite getting a enough sleep at the night. In this, the person has a absolutely no control over his sleep cycle. Unlike in the people suffering from a narcolepsy, people are suffering from in this condition are not able to the  feel refreshed even after taking a nap.

4. Klein-Levine syndrome: This is also a type of the hypermedia, which is a rare. Mainly this disease can be affect adolescent males. People are suffering from this can be sleep for a 20 hours straight, and they wake up just to the eat and fall asleep again. This condition can be bothersome for a few weeks or a months. The main reason behind in this can be a considered in the disturbances related to the  cognitive, behavioral and mental conditions.

Some super effective ways to the  beat oversleeping:

1. Coffee: Coffee is a good solution to the  fight off grogginess. According to the  research on the website of  the N C B I (National Center for a Biotechnology Information), caffeine is found in a coffee. Caffeine consumption are directly affects in the brain system. It is known to increase in the activity of the brain and nervous system. It can be help to the  relieve us from feeling tired and sleepy.

2. Water: According to the research, drinking less water can be cause tiredness in the body, make you lose concentration and make you feel a sleepy all the time. In such a situation, drinking enough water throughout in the day can prove to be a beneficial.

3. Exercise: One of the major causes of the hypermedia is a obesity. In such a situation, to a person are suffering from a hypermedia can do any type of the exercise for a 30 minutes to an a hour daily. With in this, the person can be feel refreshed along with a keeping in their weight under control.

4. Shower: When to your body feels a tired, you start feeling a sleepy. In such a situation, taking to a shower can be turn out to be a helpful. Bathing refreshes to your mood and helps you feel refreshed and active. Thus, taking to a shower can be give some relief from the fatigue caused due to too much sleep.

5. Take a nap: Taking to a short nap when you feel a sleepy can also be a helpful in a keeping you away from a sleep. In fact, a short nap can be a helpful in eliminating lethargy and drowsiness along with a eliminating sleepiness. Research are suggests that a short nap can be provide benefits such as a sharpening to your memory as well as a enhance to your working capacity.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Keep menstrual and the fertility issues at the bay with in these 5 tips for a better reproductive health.

Keep menstrual and the fertility issues at the bay with in these 5 tips for a better reproductive health.

A better reproductive health can keep a menstrual health, sexual health, and fertility issues at the  bay. So, follow in these 5 tips!

Women’s health is a critical and the complicated. But, being so busy with a household duties, work obligations, and other responsibilities, most women tend to the neglect in their health. No matter what, while a juggling between in these responsibilities, you must be pay attention to the  maintaining better reproductive health. Otherwise, you run in the risk of the developing health issues, such as a difficulties getting a pregnant or a having children.

Health Shots spoke to the Dr Pad-ma Srivastava, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Lullanagar, Pune, to the  suggest in the best ways to the improve reproductive in a health.

Why is a reproductive health necessary:

The female are reproductive in a system are includes in the uterus, Fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Usually, people associate are reproductive health with a conceiving, but it should be a maintained at all the  ages by a everyone for the following reasons:

It helps maintain sexual health.It helps protect against a sexually transmitted diseases including a HIV/AIDS.It helps with a better menstrual cycle every month.It is  provides a better experience during in the period of  the pregnancy from a conceiving a baby to delivery and even after it.It also a reduces in the health risks of the  unwanted pregnancies.

Here are 5 tips to keep a reproductive health on a track, suggested by a Dr Srivastava:

1. Make sure to the clean from a front to back

Did you know that it is a essential to clean in the intimate area from the front to the back instead of the other around! So, you should clean in the vagina first and then move backward to the anus. This will be allow you to the  prevent harmful bacteria that reside in the anus from a infecting to  your vagina. Do not ignore in this advice and stay healthy.

2. Opt for a cotton underwear

Cotton is a skin-friendly fabric. It helps with a air circulation and absorbs moisture quickly. So, try to the  wear it on a daily basis and prevent any a infections down there.

3. Avoid a using soap down there

If you are using a soap or a any chemical products down in there, then you are doing it all the  wrong. Doing so can be lead to the dryness, soreness, redness, or a skin irritation. Furthermore, there can be also be a harmful bacterial growth. It is not at all  the recommended to use a soap as it will be disturb the pH balance down there. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. So just wash it with a water.

4. Quit smoking

It is a no-brainier that smoking is a injurious to the health. It can also take a toll on reproductive health. It can be impact in the functioning of one’s ovaries, the uterus, and other areas of the female reproductive in a system. Also, smoking during a pregnancy can lead to the  congenital abnormalities in the baby.

5. Regular screening is a must

It is the need of the hour to go for a routine screening, including a Pap smears and STD and infection tests as a suggested by the doctor. Early detection is key to the  managing any condition and ensuring to your reproductive health is on a track.

In a addition to these tips, one easy approach to the stopping reproductive health problems is to the curb other underlying and existing health problems from a getting worse.

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Monday, September 5, 2022

त्योहार या शुभ दिन का अपने नाम और फोटो वाला शुभेच्छा कार्ड Riser App पे फ्री में कैसे बनाये?

त्योहार या शुभ दिन का अपने नाम और फोटो वाला  शुभेच्छा कार्ड Riser App पे फ्री में कैसे बनाये?


Riser Ek India का पहला ऐसा प्लेटफॉर्म पूरी तरह से और विशेष रूप से हमारी भारतीय महिलाओं को सशक्त बनाने के लिए बनाया गया है। जहां हमारी भारतीय महिला अपने पास जो भी कौशल और प्रतिभा हैउसका मुद्रीकरण करके पैसा कमा सकती है।

सबसे पहले Riser App की रेफ़्रेन्स लिंक पर क्लिक करे और अगर आप Riser App पर नए है तो रजिस्ट्रेशन कैसे करे चलो जानते हैऔर आगे अपने नाम और फोटो का शुभेरछा कार्ड कैसे बनाये ये शिखते है 

राइजर ऐप पर रजिस्ट्रेशन कैसे करें?


Step 1:- सबसे पहले अपना Google Chrome ओपन करें और फिर सर्च करें। और फिर Riser App की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट खुल जाती है।



Step 2:- उसके बाद पेज पर जाकर अपनी व्यक्तिगत जानकारी भरेंपासवर्ड अपने तरीके से सेट करें और 'सबमिटबटन पर क्लिक करें।



Step 3: - 'सबमिटके बादसाइट को 'बंदकरेंफिर से उसी साइट पर जाएं और अपने नंबर और पासवर्ड का उपयोग करके 'लॉग इनकरें।


और फिर 'नीचे स्क्रॉल करेंऔर अपने 'Refernce Link’ को कॉपी करें और इसे अपने दोस्तों और सभी सोशल मीडिया प्लेटफॉर्म पर Forward करें।


चलो अब सीखते है की Riser App पर त्योहार के आने पर शुभेरछा कार्ड पर अपना नाम और फोटो कैसे डाले।

Step 1: सबसे पहले Riser App की रेफरेन्स लिंक पर क्लिक करे और लॉगिन करके  प्रोफाइल में जा कर अपना Photo अपलोड करे



Step 2: इसके बाद निचे स्क्रॉल करके अपडेट पे क्लिक कीजिये आपकी Photo Add हो जाएगी।

Step: 3 उसके बाद निचे स्क्रॉल करेंगे तो त्यौहार के हिसाब से फोटो और लिंक दी गई होगी। आप 'Share Whatsapp ' पर क्लिक करके अपने फ्रेंड्स को अन्य व्यक्तिओ को यह लिंक share कर शकेंगे और आपकी यह Reference लिंक के जरिये आप अन्य व्यक्तिओ को Riser App पर जोईन कर शकेंगे।

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